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i’m a teenager , and i have a really messy desk. it’s suppose to be for school but instead it is full of junk and nick nacks. How can i organize my desk. I want to use it for school .. it is a nice office desk with 2 drawers one small one and one really deep one. and on the side there are 2 shelfts and at the top there is a shelf too. there is this slide out drawer for a key pad but i dont put a computer there so it’s filled with junk and papers. How can i organize my desk? and kind of bins, tins etc that i should get please help!!

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Answer by elaine_classen
The deep drawer in a desk is usually meant for filing papers. Get some hanging file folders at the office supply place, with the tabs for labels. Sort and file your papers. Since you are using this for school, be sure to have a file folder for each class, and be sure you keep your corrected assignments filed. That way, when you need to study for finals, you can just review, and make sure you study up on anything you missed on the tests.

You can use baskets, made of any material that you like the looks of, such as plastic, wicker, metal, etc. and in any colors that you like. I have covered boxes on my open shelves, and I do not stack things if I don’t have to. I use the foil lined cans tht nuts come in for pencils and pens. Sometimes I paint the outsides in coordinating colors. And I cut the bottoms out and hot glue several cans together to make long tubes for large papers that I don’t want folded.

The biggest thing is to keep a waste paper basker within reach, and discard things you no longer need.

I also keep several notebooks, one for family and friends’ email and phone numbers, one for to do lists, one for computer website urls and my passwords. I have a general notebook that I use through the day, that I write every thing in. Then whenever I get time, I transcribe this data into the proper notebook. In this way, I write my school notes twice, which helps a lot in remembering, and I have like information in seperate books, so I do not have to search through all my scribbling to find one tiny note. It’s in one book, transcribed and neat.

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  1. well.. my best advice is to really get it organized. Go get some cute containers from a store like Wal Mart or Target and put it under ur desk. so u can focus the desk on school and the rest will be right there, under your desk. also, with the computer, try slightly moving it for getting more room. good luck!

  2. Well, it depends of course on what kind of clutter you have, but I can tell you what works for me, and it’s really cheap, and really easy.

    You need a three hole punch, some page protectors, and some binders. (How many depends on you.) Label the binders (with a label maker, paint pens, whatever you’ve got handy.) I have one binder for home stuff, (like my dogs’ veterinary records, warranties on appliances, etc.) one for recipes, one for knitting patterns, etc. Obviously these will vary for you, maybe one for homework, one for other school stuff, one for magazine pages you want to save. Put those in your deep drawer with the spines facing up. It’s easier than file folders. Once you get the paper clutter tamed, you’re halfway done.

    Now, the things you need on top of your desk are very simple. A planner, and a pen, and maybe a few photos or knickknacks that make you happy. You can put those on the top shelf to keep your writing surface clean. Decide on just the ones that are your favorites. The rest need to find a new place or be trash. Don’t hold on to stuff out of guilt, it will only breed more clutter.

    You may also want to consider a cup for your pens and pencils, an organizer for little things like stapler, tape dispenser, scissors, or whatever you need. Try to match them a little to each other and your room.

    Above all, remember this; you can’t organize clutter, you can only get rid of it. Once you pare down to the basics, you’ll find it so much easier to organize the things you need.

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